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Eight Values is a job board for software developers in Japan. Find an engineering team in Japan that shares your values.

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Hey, I'm Ryohei, the founder of Eight Values.

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What am I all about?
I'm a software engineer in Tokyo. Born in Tokyo. Raised in Vancouver, Canada and Connecticut/Maine, USA. I've lived in Tokyo for 10 years.
Why choose Eight Values?
Eight Values is my dream come true world for tech recruiting from a software engineer's perspective. Most company profiles and job descriptions make the company a black box. I want to change that. I built Eight Values so you can understand the team and culture of every tech company you apply to. I built Eight Values for developers like me who believe that work shouldn't mean compromising what's important to them.
How can you get in touch?
💬 If you want to chat, shoot me a message! I'm around on LinkedIn and email.

Eight Values Inside

An inside look at building a business in Japan.

I wanted to share with you the story of how I started Eight Values and why I decided to go full time on it. I'll talk about the initial idea, the challenges I faced, and the milestones I achieved along the way.

Additionally, I talk about the importance of showcasing company culture and team values to help developers understand the work environment before applying. I share my motivation behind starting Eight Values and the challenges companies face in attracting developers.

Eight Values is a job board for software engineers in Japan. We help software engineers understand the companies and teams that they apply to.

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