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Fostering a blameless culture at amptalk

Shunji Lin speaks about his team's blameless culture. Shunji Lin is a software engineer at amptalk.

Working directly with the CEO at RESTAR

Jonas Villanueva speaks about the flat hierarchy and having an impact as a developer at RESTAR. Jonas Villanueva is a software engineer at RESTAR.

RESTAR CEO on Disrupting Traditional Industries

RESTAR CEO talks about his early struggles creating his company in a traditional Japanese industry.

From Good To Great Engineer - Givery

Software Developer at Givery talks about the difference between good and great engineers: product-mindedness.

Listening in Tech Leadership - Givery

Software Developer at Givery talks about the importance of listening in tech leadership.

Software Development is Magic - Givery

Software Developer at Givery talks about the magic of software development.

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Hey, I'm Ryohei, the founder of Eight Values.

Photo of Founder of Eight Values
What am I all about?
I'm a software engineer in Tokyo. Born in Tokyo. Raised in Vancouver, Canada and Connecticut/Maine, USA. I've lived in Tokyo for 10 years.
Why choose Eight Values?
Eight Values is my dream come true world for tech recruiting from a software engineer's perspective. Most company profiles and job descriptions make the company a black box. I want to change that. I built Eight Values so you can understand the team and culture of every tech company you apply to. I built Eight Values for developers like me who believe that work shouldn't mean compromising what's important to them.
How can you get in touch?
💬 If you want to chat, shoot me a message! I'm around on LinkedIn and email.