Tech Meetups in Tokyo: A Developer's Guide

Written by Ryohei Watanabe
Updated: April 26, 2023
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Tech Meetups in Tokyo

Looking for tech meetups in Tokyo?

Well, you've come to the right place. I'm a software developer in Tokyo and I'm sharing my list of favorite tech meetups.

These meetups are great places to network or meet cool people. If you're looking for a job, you can attend meetups to connect the resume to a real human being. But networking is like refactoring code - it's always better to do it _before_ you're looking for a job. The meetups I go to are all in English.

I can recommend every tech meetup on this list.

Tokyo Tech Meetup

  • Best for: Developers, founders, product managers, and everyone in tech.

  • Vibe: casual tech meetup with lightning talks.

  • Review: You’ll find a good mix of engineers and startup folks. All of the announcements are in English and Japanese. The main language is English. The organizers are very nice (Shane Reustle and Shoin Wolfe). The last time I was there, Shane and Shoin bought the name cards and stickers out of pocket to put on the event.

  • Cost: Free.

  • Location: Shibuya Parco/Shibuya QWS

  • Best way to get notified: join the Tokyo Tech meetup. Follow Shoin Wolfe, Shane Reustle, or Tokyo Tech on Twitter.

HN Tokyo

  • Best for: Developers, founders, product managers, and everyone in tech.

  • Vibe: casual tech meetup with community announcements.

  • Review: You’ll find a mix of engineers and startup folks. This is a great meetup for developers. People will share what they're working on. During the announcements, you'll be notified which of the attendees are there to recruit engineers. If you're looking for a job, the announcements will help you find the people who are hiring. This event is organized by MakeLeaps.

  • Cost: 1000 yen. HN Tokyo rents the location and speakers. The entrance fee covers their cost.

  • Location: Shibuya Parco

  • Best way to get notified: join the HN Tokyo Slack channel or HN Tokyo Doorkeeper group.

Tokyo Tech Leads Circle

  • Best for: Developers, Engineering Managers.

  • Vibe: Lightning Talks, food, and Engineering Managers.

  • Review: I couldn't make the last one, but I heard a lot of good things from Engineering Managers. I'll be at the next one though!

  • Cost: Free

  • Location: Code Chrysalis

  • Best way to get notified: Follow Tokyo Tech Leads Circle on LinkedIn.

Code Chrysalis

  • Best for: Developers, everyone in tech.

  • Vibe: tech meetup with demos and workshops.

  • Review: I went to Code Chrysalis so I like to pop in and see what the students, founders, and alumni are doing.

  • Cost: Free.

  • Location: Code Chrysalis Office - Minato City, Motoazabu, 3-chōme−1− 35 VORT 元麻布 B2F · Tokyo

  • Best way to get notified: join the Code Chrysalis Meetup.

Shibuya Startup Support

  • Best for: Founders and startup folks.

  • Vibe: A little more business-like with great food.

  • Review: Shibuya Startup Support hosts events every week. They attract founders, startup folks, and a few developers. The events at night (after 6pm) attract more people. I would prioritize those events. The events during the day get lots of founders, travelers, or sales people (people whose job is to network). Most developers are working during the day so they won’t be at these events if it's held on a workday in the morning. FYI. But they have events with bigger companies such as Deel/Stripe. Also, their brunch food is fantastic.

  • Cost: Free.

  • Location: usually Portal Point Shibuya 7F.

  • Best way to get notified: Follow Shibuya Startup Support on Twitter or Shibuya Startup Support on LinkedIn.


  • Best for: Product Managers.

  • Vibe: Casual tech meetup. Hang out over drinks.

  • Review: Really fun mix of product managers from startups and large tech companies. Relaxed, casual vibes.

  • Cost: Free.

  • Location: Shibuya Hobgoblin Pub.

  • Best way to get notified: Join the ProductTank Slack or ProductTank Meetup Group

Tech Slack/Discord in Japan

The English-speaking developer community in Tokyo hangs out in a few active Slack channels.

If you want to check out the conversation, here are a few Slack and Discord channels for English-speaking software engineers.

I'm always looking for cool slack groups. If you know of a slack group with good vibes, can you let me know? 🙏

Co-Creation Slack

  • Best for: VCs, founders, and startup folks.
  • Members: ~300
  • Awesome people, relevant articles, and good vibes. I'm most active here.
  • Organized by Kenneth Jeng, Schyler Cole, and Haruka Takamori.

HN Tokyo Slack

  • Best for: Developers and startup folks.
  • Members: ~3000
  • There's a channel for hiring that you should look into.
  • Run by MakeLeaps founders. Contact for an invite to the HN Tokyo Slack.

TokyoDev Discord

  • Best for: Developers
  • Run by Paul McMahon of TokyoDev.

ProductTank Slack

  • Best for: Product Managers
  • Members: ~700
  • Run by Jason Everaert and Ashyrgeldi Atayev

Creative Tokyo Slack

  • Best for: designers and creatives in Tokyo
  • Members: ~1300
  • Run by Creative Tokyo

Event Platforms in Tokyo

Tech events in Tokyo are spread across many event platforms.

If you’re actively looking for a job, you can join the event platforms that I list below and join the groups catered to specific programming languages or niches.

If you’re not actively looking for a job, I recommend you join the developer slack channels to get notified of tech events. Slack members will let you know of most upcoming tech events.


  • Good UI and categorization. Easiest to use as an English speaker.
  • There are meetups for Python, Rust, Javascript, Product Managers etc.


  • Good UI and categorization. Easy to use as an English speaker.

Tokyo Tech

  • This website aggregates events for developers in Tokyo. It is written in English. Separate from the Tokyo Tech Meetup.
  • Has events from Meetup, Doorkeeper, Peatix, Connpass.


  • Good event platform for english speakers. A lot of events in Japanese but some tech companies use Peatix to distribute their english events. I can recommend the events from Moon Creative Lab!


  • Japanese heavy with events geared towards Japanese speakers.
  • There are some diamonds in the rough for programming language communities. English speakers may prefer other event platforms.

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Ryohei Watanabe is the founder of Eight Values. He lives in Tokyo. Looking for your dream engineering team? Check out our list of software engineer jobs in Japan.

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